Important Years in Indian History [BC 326 – AD 1950]

BC 326Invation of India by Alexander
BC 321Chandra Gupta Maurya founded Mauryan dynasty
BC 261Ashoka’s Kallinga war
AD 320 – 335Reign of Chandar Gupta 1 who founded Gupta Year
AD 405 – 411The Visit of Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien to India
AD 629 – 645The Visit of Hiuen Tsang to India
AD 788 – 820Sankaracharya’s Period
AD 1001 – 1027Invation of Muhammad Gazni
AD 1025Gazni attacked Somanatha Temple
AD 1206Foundation of slave dynasty by Qutub uddin Aibak
AD 1221Mangol invation under Chenghis Khan during the reign of ilthumish
AD 1290Jalal uddin Khilji founded Khilji dynasty
AD 1320Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq founded the Tughiaq dynasty
AD 1333Ibin Batuta arrives in India
AD 1336Foundation of the empire of Vijayanagar by Harihara and Buka
AD 1414 – 1451Reign of Sayyid dynasty
AD 1451 – 1526Reign of Lodhi dynasty
AD 1526 Foundation of Mughal dynasty by Babur through the first battle of Panipat
AD 1600English East India Company formed
AD 1602Dutch East India Company formed
AD 1664French East India Company formed
AD 1770Great Bengal Famine
AD 1773The Regulation act was passed
AD 1784The Pitt’s India act was passed
AD 1793The permanent Zamindari settlement of Bengal
AD 1829Prohibition of Sati
AD 1853Railway opened from Bombay to Thane
AD 1857First Freedom war of Independence
AD 1875Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswathy
AD 1878Vernacular Press Act
AD 1883Ilbert Bill
AD 1885Indian National Congress formed in Bombay
AD 1905Partition of Bengal
AD 1906Muslim League formed at Dhaka
AD 1907Suret split of INC
AD 1909Minto-Morley reforms
AD 1911Partition of Bengal annulled. Transfer of capital from Culcutta to Delhi
AD 1919Montague – Chelmsford reforms
Rowlatt act passed
Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
AD 1921Wagon Tragedy
AD 1922Chauri Chaura incident
AD 1928Purna Swaraj by Lahore Congress session
AD 1929Simon Commission comes to India
AD 1930Dandi march by Gandhiji
Civil disabedience movement started
First round table conference
AD 1931Gandhi – Irvin pact
Second round table conference
AD 1932Third round table conference
Poona pact signed
Communal award announced
AD 1935Govt. of India act 1935 was passed
AD 1940August offer by Lord Linlithgon
AD 1942Cripps mission to India
Quit India resolution passed by congress
AD 1946Cabinet mission plans announced
AD 1947Mount batten plan
Indian independence act passed
AD 1948Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi
AD 1950India Became a republic



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