Previous Questions (Paediatric Nursing) Part-V

1. Occlusion therapy is suggested for
(A) Conjuctivitis
(B) Cataract
(C) Glaucoma
(D) Strabismus

2. Which of the following to be avoided after tonsilectomy
(A) Milk
(B) Tender coconut water
(C) Oral feeds
(D) Cooldrinks

3. What is the common cause of nose bleeds in children
(A) Little’s area
(B) Hypertension
(C) Direct trauma
(D) All

4. Which of the following group is more predisposes to otitis media after an attack of ARI
(A) Children
(B) Adult males
(C) Adult females
(D) Geriatrics

5. One child is admitted with chlamydial conjuctivities. Which of the following should be done first?
(A) Check the signs of bleed
(B) Start irrigation
(C) Cover other eye
(D) Check the genitalia

6. Acute lymphocyte leukemia is most commonly seen among
(A) Preschoolers
(B) Schoolers
(C) Adolesscents
(D) Infant

7. Which of the following vaccine is restricted for a baby with all
(D) Anthrax vaccine

8. Painless enlargement of Lymphnode is seen in
(A) Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
(B) Non hodgkins lymphoma
(C) Nephroblastoma
(D) Both A & B

9. Most common intraabdominal tumor in childhood is
(A) Neuroblastoma
(B) Nephroblastoma
(C) Wilm’s tumor
(D) Both B & C

10. Most common brain tumor in children
(A) Medulloblastoma
(B) Astrocytoma
(C) Ependymomas
(D) Both B & C

11. Common site of bone tumor is
(A) Hip
(B) Vertebrac
(C) Femur
(D) Fibulla

12. Down syndrome is otherwise called as
(A) Trisomy 13
(B) Trisomy 18
(C) Trisomy 21
(D) Trisomy 23

13. Brush field spots are characteristics of
(A) Down syndrome
(B) Turner’s syndrome
(C) Patau’s syndrome
(D) Klinefelter’s syndrome

14. 44 + XO pattern of genotype is observed in
(A) Down syndrome
(B) Patau’s syndrome
(C) Turner’s syndrome
(D) Klinefelter’s syndrome

15. Webbing of neck is the classical sign of
(A) Down syndrome
(B) Turner’s syndrome
(C) Patau’s syndrome
(D) All

Answers :

(1). D (2). A (3). C (4). A (5). D

(6). A (7). A (8). A (9). D (10). A

(11). C (12). C (13). A (14). C (15). B



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