Previous Questions (Anatomy & Physiology) Part-IV

1. How many vertebrae fuse from sacrum
(A) 5
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 2

2. Women with android pelvis will be
(A) Tall with narrow shoulder
(B) Women of average build and gait
(C) Short heavy build women
(D) Tall with broad shoulder

3. For a normal delivery to take place the supra public angle should be
(A) 65
(B) 100
(C) 90
(D) 80

4. Rotation of the presenting part occurs in
(A) Anatomical outlet
(B) Cavity
(C) Inlet
(D) Obstetrical outlet

5. Bilateral missing of the ala give rise to
(A) Naegeles pelvis
(B) Rachitic pelvis
(C) Robert Pelvis
(D) Platypelloid pelvis

6. Breast extends from
(A) 2-5th rib
(B) 1-4th rib
(C) 2-6th rib
(D) 3-6th rib

7. fertilization occurs at the ………………… of the fallopian tube
(A) Interstitial portion
(B) Ampulla
(C) Infundibulum
(D) Isthmus

8. Morulla is formed in the ………………….. day
(A) 5th
(B) 1st
(C) 2nd
(D) 3rd

9. Nervous system develops from
(A) Mesoderm
(B) Ectoderm
(C) Endodrm
(D) Inner cell mass

10. Goodell’s sign is
(A) Bluish discoloration of vagina and cervix
(B) Softening of vagina
(C) Softening of cervix
(D) Braxton hicks contractions

11. Bleeding between the menstrual cycle is called
(A) Menorrhagia
(B) Metrorrhagia
(C) Oligorrhoea
(D) Dysmenorrhoea

12. The hormone responsible for the tingling and sense of fullness in the breast is
(A) Aldosterone
(B) Progesterone
(C) Oestrogen

13. Foetal part of the placenta is formed by
(A) Amnion
(B) Sytotrophoblast
(C) Hofbauer cells
(D) Chorion

14. Foetal heart sounds can be heard with the help of a foetoscope in ………………. weeks
(A) 18-20 weeks
(B) 22-24 weeks
(C) 12-16 weeks
(D) 20-26 weeks

15. Genetic test is performed at …………………… weeks of gestation
(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 24
(D) 32

16.In foetal circulation Foramen ovale bypasses
(A) Liver
(B) Lungs
(C) Left Ventricle
(D) Right ventricle

17. Fertilized ovum remains in fallopian tube for
(A) 12 hours
(B) 72 hours
(C) 24 hours
(D) 48 hours

18. Around ovulation, body temperature rises up to
(A) 0.2 F
(B) 1 F
(C) 1.5 F
(D) None

19. Placenta is developed by the
(A) 3rd month
(B) 4th month
(C) 20th week
(D) 2nd month

20. At the end of the pregnancy amount of the amniotic fluid is
(A) 1000-1500ml
(B) 1000-1200ml
(C) 600-800ml
(D) 800-1200ml

21. Chorionic villi sampling is done at
(A) 9-12 wks
(B) 24 wks
(C) 20 wks
(D) 32 wks

22. Foetal blood flow through the placenta per minute is
(A) 500 ml/mt
(B) 800 ml/mt
(C) 400 ml/mt
(D) 600 ml/mt

23. Male internal genitalia develops from
(A) Wolffian duct
(B) Mullarian duct
(C) Primodial duct
(D) Basal duct

24. Weakest form of the oestrogen is
(A) Estrion
(B) Estriol
(C) Estradiol
(D) Estridiol

25. Diameter of the placenta is
(A) 20-30 cm
(B) 25-35 cm
(C) 15-20 cm
(D) 20-25 cm



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